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Brighton College International School Bangkok (en)

8/8 Krungthep Kreetha Soi 15 Yaek 4 (Surao Yai),Krungthep Kreetha, Huamark, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240


Brighton College International School inspires academic excellence for children aged 2-18, on an iconic, purpose-built campus in Krungthep Kreetha, Bangkok.

Run in close partnership with Brighton College, the UK’s Independent School of the Year 2019, we have quickly become one of the leading British schools in Thailand. The best teachers, all trained in the UK, ensure the highest academic standards and deliver an unmatched education for our pupils. Following a broad British curriculum to IGCSE and A Level, Brighton College Bangkok offers the perfect environment for pupils to discover a passion for learning and to reach the world’s best universities.

International diversity is deeply ingrained in our school, and almost 40% of our pupils have a foreign nationality, creating a truly unique atmosphere. We invite you to visit our campus to learn more about what makes Brighton such a special place to be.



Our curriculum is based on the British National Curriculum to ensure that pupils are prepared for the every stage of their education. As one would expect from one of the best British international schools in Bangkok, each of our subjects is taught by professionals who are passionate about their area of expertise. From the Pre-Prep and Prep Schools through to Senior School, pupils are guided and nurtured to discover their natural abilities and interests, and to develop skills as a balanced individual.

We offer pupils the freedom to choose subjects that align with their personal passions at our international school in Bangkok. In addition to the core subjects—English, Mathematics, Science, and Humanities—pupils are able to enhance their studies with IGSCE and A Level options including Design and Technology, Performing Arts, Psychology, Business Studies and more. We also draw influence from our vast international community to offer a number of modern foreign languages, including compulsory Thai and Mandarin up to Year 4, giving all pupils the best chance of engaging with a new language. Our growing standing as one of the best British international schools in Bangkok is built on strong foundations, with a curriculum that encourages pupils to strive for excellence and to be the best version of themselves.



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The Pre-Prep School at Brighton College Bangkok is a place where young children can be inspired in a friendly and fun environment.

The Pre-Prep school educates children from the ages of 2 to 8 (from Pre-Nursery to Year 3) and we pride ourselves on our ability to support, challenge and inspire every child to achieve their very best academically, in the Arts and Sports, whilst instilling a lifelong love of learning.

Our experienced teaching team have created a curriculum which reflects our high academic standards and expectations for all our children. Children learn the essential building blocks of reading, writing, grammar, punctuation, spelling, mathematics and science, all personalised to their needs. Pupils also enjoy specialist teaching in Thai, Mandarin and Computing every week, as part of their regular curriculum.

Children also benefit from our outstanding facilities for the Arts, Music and Sports. All children are offered a wide range of sporting activities to participate in, and with purpose-built art rooms and dance studios, our children are encouraged and inspired to let their creativity shine from their earliest school days.

In the Pre-Prep School, we recognise that education is most successful when it involves a strong partnership with parents, so regular two-way contact and communication with parents is actively encouraged. We welcome parents into the classroom at the beginning of each day, and on specific theme days throughout the term, and we also provide regular updates on a child’s progress, both formally and informally.

Our Pre-Prep team at Brighton College Bangkok strive to provide a friendly, safe and nurturing environment for all, giving every child the individual attention and support they deserve to achieve their personal best.



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At Brighton College Bangkok, our Prep School for children aged 8-13, will give every pupil a full and exciting school experience, and the motivation to ‘reach for the stars’.

Prep School starts in Year 4, and pupils will have a class teacher for the majority of their subjects to ensure a firm base for the next stage of their development. With a curriculum closely linked to the English Curriculum, they will receive specialist teaching for languages, science, art, music and computing, deepening their subject knowledge and advancing their learning. They will also become members of a Prep School House and will benefit from regular interaction with older pupils, who will act as their role models and mentors.

When they reach Year 5, children are ready for something different and, unlike at many other International Schools, specialist teaching is introduced across the curriculum. We see enormous benefit to this approach, as children are at the right age to take on new challenges and more responsibility.

In Years 6 and 7, pupils enjoy two years as the natural leaders of our Prep School, before stepping up to Senior School. The academic challenges continue, with regular testing that  provides a strong foundation for Senior School and beyond. Pupils will complete Key Stage 3 a year earlier than normal, allowing them to begin IGCSE courses in Year 9.

Central to Brighton College Bangkok’s Prep School is our strong focus on a child’s wellbeing, an ethos that is woven into all aspects of school life. We believe that the habits children develop during their Prep School years are habits for life, so we nurture a culture of kindness, curiosity and confidence. This leads to creative thinking, resilience, empathy and respect, all essential traits of a Brighton College pupil.

Our expectations are high but we love to see Prep School children rise to the challenge and thrive on the opportunities that they are offered. We will celebrate their many successes, big and small, as it is our belief that everyone deserves our unwavering support and as they grow and develop into motivated, compassionate and confident young people.



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At Brighton College Bangkok International School, our Senior School is for pupils aged 13 to 18. Starting in Year 9, pupils continue the broad curriculum that they have been following in the Prep School, while beginning to think about their choices for IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education).

In Year 10, pupils begin to focus on those subjects they will ultimately take examinations in. The IGCSE curriculum is designed specifically for pupils learning in an international community whilst maintaining a strong local context. The specialisation that IGCSE offers enables pupils to develop a deep subject knowledge and will prepare them for the academic challenges of A Level courses in the Sixth Form. The majority of pupils will study English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and four ‘option’ subjects, which will be chosen from a wide range of subjects including those they have studied in Year 9. In order to maintain a suitable breadth, pupils will be encouraged to study at least one language, one humanity and one creative subject, although this will not be compulsory as the most important aspect will be that pupils choose according to their strengths, interests and ambition.

At the end of Year 11, pupils sit their IGCSE examinations. Our IGSCE results for 2018/19 were excellent – with 100% A*-B grades, including 83% A* – A.

After IGCSE, pupils enter the Sixth Form, where the majority of pupils study four A-levels, from a choice of 21 different subject choices, with the flexibility to design an individualised programme that reflects their interests, skills and ambitions. A Level examinations are then taken at the end of Year 13; their final year at school.

Brighton College Bangkok has a strong focus on academic excellence, and aims to help pupils gain the best set of qualifications of which they are capable. However, this is not at the expense of the wider development of the individual pupil. Pupils take an active role in our house-based pastoral care system that reflects the best practice of the leading UK independent schools. The House assembles every morning and meets every afternoon, providing a physical base that forms the hub of every part of their College lives; pupils will return to the House base to socialise, work or meet with staff whenever they are free of timetabled commitments. Senior School pupils also have a common room and Sixth Form Centre as a place for private study, socialising and relaxation.

Pupils also enjoy a varied and inspiring extra-curricular programme, with an array of Sports to enjoy, and Performing Arts to partake in. Senior School pupils also get the chance to experience the wider world around them via our trips programme, to help others through charities and community service, and develop leadership skills in every area of school life.

In short, the Senior School at Brighton College Bangkok ensures that every pupil gets the most out of their time at school and is equipped to go on to live a happy and successful life once they leave our campus.



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Brighton College Bangkok are proud of our world class facilities, considered to be among the best of any British International School in Thailand.

Our green and spacious campus, 20 minutes to the east of Bangkok’s central areas, is bright, modern and open in its design. Our innovative learning spaces combine the very latest digital technology with traditional learning materials. Our exceptional indoor and outdoor sports facilities allow all pupils to enjoy a wide variety of opportunities, while our 650-seat theatre and world-class performing arts facilities allow children to showcase their many talents.

Some of our other facilities include an elite fitness centre, swimming pools, a football pitch and four tennis courts. We believe that each pupil has the potential to develop courage as well as character as they pursue success both inside and outside the classroom. Exploring individuality is highly encouraged at Brighton, and we therefore provide an environment where it is safe for pupils to make mistakes and celebrate achievements.


The fees for the academic year 2020/21 can be seen below.

which contains a breakdown of tuition, application and admission fees as well as security deposits and the invoice dates for the termly fees.

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