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Rugby School Thailand (en)

7, Khao Mai Kaeo, Bang Lamung District,
Chon Buri 20150, Thailand


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Rugby School Thailand

We are a unique British international school in Thailand. Our ethos ‘the whole person, the whole point’ means that while academic excellence lies at the heart of the Rugby School experience, sport, music, art, drama and co-curricular activities are in no way peripheral. Every child has space to thrive in this glorious Chonburi campus with its first class facilities.


Why Rugby School Thailand?

Rugby School Thailand is leading the way in a new era of international schools in Thailand. Our 80-acre campus sits in the majestic, rolling countryside of Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard near Pattaya, Chonburi, and the educational experience here is based on the expansive mindset and traditional values of a 450-year-old British private school model. We are at once traditional and modern.

It is our aim at Rugby School Thailand to become a benchmark for international education in Thailand, Asia and the rest of the world.

British Boarding School

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  • More time – to study, rest and play – no more grid-locked journeys to school
  • Extended school days – 8am to 6pm for students – boarding and day – at Rugby School Thailand
  • Co-curricular activities – incorporated into each school day – sport, music, drama, dance, art, DT (design & technology), countless clubs and societies
  • Homework (‘prep’) – done during the school day under supervision of highly-qualified and experienced teaching-staff tutors
  • Enrichment programme – Saturday mornings for full (seven-day-a-week) boarders – and day students at Rugby School Thailand
  • Weekend activities – sports fixtures, outdoor education centre (climbing, abseiling, zip wire, archery, bush-craft), water parks, elephant sanctuary, ice-skating, bowling, cinema, etc, at Rugby School Thailand


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There is so much more to an education at Rugby School than academics and exam results, but we never forget that the first foundation stone is in the classroom.

Rugby School Thailand follows an enhanced UK curriculum, drawing the best from the much-admired British private school approach to provide an exceptional academic school career in a happy, supportive environment. We are blessed with the space to create three separate educational areas – Pre-PrepPrep and Senior – each designed and constructed specifically for the needs of their age groups.

Our Founding Head and Head of Prep, Nigel Westlake, comes with fifteen years of headship experience and is joined by Sarah Shuttleworth, Head of Pre-Prep, and Alan Ball, Head of Senior School. They are all highly experienced Heads in a unified mission to keep academic excellence at the heart of the rich and varied Rugby School experience.


Pre-Prep Curriculum

Pre-Prep Curriculum

The Pre-Prep curriculum is made up of two sections.

The Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is a statutory framework provided by the Department for Education for Early Years providers to help them support your child’s learning and development from birth to five years old. The teachers set a half termly topic but this changes as the children’s interests change. Specialist teachers take swimming, PE, music and languages.

In our school the EYFS consists of:

  • Pre-Nursery – aged 2-3 years old
  • Nursery – aged 3-4 years old
  • Reception – aged 4-5 years old

Key Stage One

Pupils are taught by their class teacher for most subjects but specialist teaching takes place within PE, music, swimming and languages. Teachers from the Prep School come to take these classes.The years consist of:

  • Year 1 – 5-6 years old
  • Year 2 – 6-7 years old


The Pre-Prep Curriculum

We agree a long-term plan for each year group. This indicates what topics are to be taught in each term, and to which groups of children. We review our long-term plan on an annual basis.


In the Prep School we offer a broad curriculum that places emphasis on the core subjects: English, maths and science but at the same time we appreciate the importance of breath of study. Our curriculum therefore includes art, DT, Thai, Mandarin, French, Spanish, history, geography, drama, swimming, PE, computing, music and PSHE. All of which are essential for developing the whole person.

Our curriculum follows the UK National Curriculum, as well as the 11+ and 13+ syllabus of the UK Independent Schools Examination Board. We believe that we prepare our pupils incredibly well for their transition into Senior School where they go on to take iGCSE and A level.

The RST Curriculum, across the range of academic subjects, is designed:

  • to ensure social and personal development,
  • to instill a love of learning and of individual subjects,
  • to provide academic support and acceleration as appropriate,
  • to develop a suitable work ethic and self-motivation,
  • to help each child to reach his or her academic potential, and ultimately…
  • to prepare children for IGCSE and A level.
  • RST offers 5 languages: English, Thai, Mandarin, Spanish and French.

In the Prep School, there are eight year groups:

  • Year 3: 7-8 year olds
  • Year 4: 8-9 year olds
  • Year 5: 9-10 year olds
  • Year 6: 10-11 year olds
  • Year 7: 11-12 year olds
  • Year 8: 12-13 year olds


Senior Curriculum

In the Senior School we continue to drive academic success as student’s begin to refine their key subject interests and prepare for exams.

The F Block (Year 9) Curriculum

At Rugby School Thailand, the F Block is a crucial year; it is the time when the key foundations are laid that enable students to excel once they move on to their IGCSE studies and beyond. During their time in F Block, our students will experience a broad, diverse academic curriculum, with the opportunity to specialise in particular areas of interest. This will be complemented by the enrichment programme that is so integral to the Rugby philosophy of developing the whole person. Together, the academic and enrichment programmes develop intellectual curiosity, creativity, independence and resilience, as well as providing ample opportunity for students to take intellectual risks, make mistakes and learn through experience.

The E/D Block (Years 10 & 11) Curriculum

At Rugby School Thailand we provide an E and D Block (Years 10 and 11) curriculum that offers both breadth and depth of study, primarily based on the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). The IGCSE is an international version of the compulsory school examinations in England and Wales which, due to their global outlook and thorough academics, are used by both international schools and top UK independent schools, including Rugby UK.

As the most popular examinations worldwide for 14-16 year olds, IGCSES are seen as excellent preparation for A Level and other post-16 qualifications. The courses follow a prescribed curriculum administered by examination boards in England. At Rugby we use three examination boards to administer our examinations: Cambridge, Oxford AQA and Edexcel. However, whilst examination results are of vital importance, we structure our courses around learning rather than assessment, and the learning is not always confined to the limits of the syllabus content.

Each IGCSE course lasts two years and is externally assessed by written examinations. Some courses include coursework which will be completed in school and internally assessed but then externally moderated. IGCSE courses start in September of Year 10 and the examinations are usually sat in May and June of Year 11. Cambridge IGCSE grades are reported on a scale from A* to U, with grades A* to C usually considered to be a good pass. Oxford AQA and Edexcel IGCSE courses will receive a 1 (low) to 9 (high) award, with 4 and above considered a good pass.



Pre-Prep Facilities

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The Pre-Prep facilities live within a wonderful purpose built building called The Oval, which was designed in the shape of a rugby ball as a nod to the school’s rich sporting heritage.

Set around an open-air courtyard with playful seating areas, the light and spacious classrooms are spread across two floors and are all equipped with a plethora of resources for each age range, as well as interactive smart boards.

Our Pre-Nursery classes operate in an open-plan double classroom which opens up onto a dedicated outdoor playground for our youngest pupils. The classroom is a haven of different play areas, which encourages learning through play in many different ways. As children move up through the Pre-Prep and their days become more structured, we increasingly offer more structure to the classroom set-up.

Within The Oval, Pre-Prep facilities include our own Assembly Hall, music and music practice rooms, a soft play room, a computer suite, an enclosed Nursery playground, a KS1 playground (complete with a slide straight from the upstairs classrooms), a bike track, a splash pool and a garden area for growing plants.

In addition to our own inspiring facilities, we also have access to shared resources with the Prep School, such as the 25m pool, indoor sports hall and school dining room. There are several playing fields for sports use and on-site we also have access to an incredible Outdoor Education Camp, too.


Prep Facilities

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In September 2018 the Prep School welcomed pupils into its brand-new building, which is a central part of the campus. The building has been designed with an airy indoor-outdoor feel and generous classrooms that look out over the surrounding countryside; an inspiring reminder of activities that await at the end of each day, such as sailing on the lake, football club or bushcraft.

The Prep building is home to our excellent DT space, complete with 3D printers; an expansive art studio with a host of different media to inspire creativity; a state of the art theatre, with three additional performance spaces; and a library full of wonderful books, where pupils can immerse themselves in different literary worlds.

Our Prep facilities have everything possible for your child to grow and to flourish during these school years.


Senior Facilities

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Rugby School Thailand has the virtue of being set on an 80-acre campus, and our brand new facilities are second to none. Each section of the school is being created according to the needs of its age group, and the design of our Senior School caters specifically for the journey from F Block through to XX Form. From its classrooms, to sports areas, and even its own dining hall, the Senior School facilities start to draw students away from the central area of the campus, offering young adults space to grow and develop in a more independent environment.

The dedicated senior classroom block, which will be unveiled as the school expands further, will have its own state of the art theatre, art block, science centre, Design & Technology (DT) and ICT resources. It is our objective in all aspects of Rugby School Thailand life to give students the inspiration and facilities they need to thrive academically.

Our dedicated Sixth Form Centre allows the students at the top of the school a space to work and socialise in a more liberal way. It’s proximity to the school’s on-site cafe, Scrummy, and the XX Form privilege of using this facility, provides further space for students to meet and friendships to be nurtured beyond the traditional school environment.

At over 10,000 square metres, the new sports hall will be another defining feature of the world-class facilities our Senior School can offer, complete with tennis courts and swimming pools. In time, the school will have its very own golf course, too. Our incredible grounds give us the means to provide the students with so much more than fellow International schools in Thailand.


Boarding School Life

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Just like our parent school, Rugby UK, we aim to be one of the best boarding schools in Thailand. Our boarding houses provide a nurturing ‘home from home’ where children can immerse themselves in a different side of school life while making some of the strongest relationships.

We believe there are three major advantages to boarding school:

  • Boarding allows your child time and space to make the very most of all that is on offer at the school. Rugby School Thailand is set on an incredible 80-acre campus, so you child will have world-class facilities at their disposal.
  • Boarding helps children develop deep-rooted friendships and strong interpersonal skills that are invaluable in later life.
  • Boarding school takes away the wasted hours spent in traffic each day, allowing you to have quality time with your child outside the school week. You can leave them safe in the care of our House Parents, who are there to support and look after all your child’s pastoral needs.

We take boarders from Year 3 to the XX Form, with dedicated boarding accommodation for Prep School boarders and Senior School boarders. Our family-friendly approach to boarding offers three different options:

Day Boarders

Day children may board up to 2 fixed nights a week during term-time (except half-term). These nights must be booked in with the house staff and they will be fixed for the whole term.

Weekly Boarders

Weekly Boarders stay at school all week during term-time (except half-term), and head home on Friday afternoon for the weekends. The school provides fixed transport to and from Bangkok on Friday and Sunday afternoon each week.

Full Boarders

Full Boarders stay at school all week during term-time and enjoy the full weekend programme. All boarders go home or to guardians/relatives/friends for half-term and for fixed ‘Exeat’ weekends (usually 2 per term).  If additional time away from school is desired this must be requested through the house staff.


School Fees

School Fees 2020-2021

Tuition fees (THB) Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Annual Fee
Pre-Nursery / Nursery (Full Day)
168,000 147,000 104,000 419,000
Pre-Nursery / Nursery (Half Day) 100,000 88,000 62,000 250,000
Reception 216,000 189,000 135,000 540,000
Year 1, 2 229,000 199,000 145,000 573,000
Year 3
238,000 208,000 149,000 595,000
Year 4, 5, 6 242,000 212,000 152,000 606,000
Year 7, 8 273,000 239,000 170,000 682,000
Year 9, 10, 11
302,000 265,000 189,000 756,000
Year 12, 13 315,000 276,000 197,000 788,000

Application Fee THB 5,500 (non-refundable)
Acceptance Fee (1) THB 150,000 (non-refundable)(3)
Deposit (2) THB 100,000 (refundable)
Sibling Discount
For siblings in the school at the same time: 2nd child 5%, 3rd child
10%, 4th and subsequent children 15%

Annual Pre-Payment Discount 3% discount offered in annual fees paid in full by Term 1 due date
The fees above include lunches for full-day pupils, mid-morning, and mid-afternoon snacks.
Examination Fees+text books will be charged as applicable for Senior Students.
  1. (1) The Acceptance Fee (THB 150,000) will be refunded at the end of a full year’s boarding for children joining as Full or
    Weekly Boarders in Terms 1, 2 or 3 of the academic year 2020 – 2021. (Limited availability – subject to review)
  2. (2) The deposit (THB 100,000) is payable upon acceptance of the offer of a place and refundable upon payment of the
    pupil’s final invoice including all extra’s such as examination fees and music lessons.
  3. (3) Instead of paying the THB 150,000 Acceptance Fee prior to the pupil’s first term, an Acceptance Fee of THB 170,000,
    payable in two equal installments of THB 85,000 may be paid as follows:

    1. prior to the pupil’s second term; and
    2. prior to the pupil’s third term.



Type of Boarding Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Annual Fee
Weekly (4-5 Nights per week) 139,000 121,000 87,000 347,000
Full (7 nights per week) 164,000 143,000 103,000 410,000
Expenses Deposit 20,000
Day Boarder Daily Rate 2,000 per night


Boarding is available from Year 3 and above. Boarding fees are payable in addition to tuition fees.
Transportation to and from Bangkok is available for Weekly Boarders every weekend and will be subject to a charge


  • Senior School per term (THB)
  • 3 lessons every two weeks
  • 5 lessons every two weeks
  • 9 lessons (or more) every two weeks
  • One-to-one 15,000 20,000 n/a
  • Small group 10,000 15,000 n/a
  • One-to-one/one-to-two n/a n/a 25,000


Intensive English Program (IEP) THB 25,000 per term

English as Additional Language (EAL) – Prep School THB 300 per session (30-40 mins)
Phonics Support Group THB 100 per session (25 mins)
One-to-one Instrumental Music Lessons THB 750 per lesson (35 mins)
Hire of musical instrument THB 2,000 per term



Type of Visa Visa/Fee
Full Boarding 15,000
Day Student (New Apply Visa) 9,000
Day Student (Renew/Transfer Visa) 6,500

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