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Saint John Mary International School, Saraburi (en)

Address: 131 Moo.1, Phahonyothin Road, Nongyao, Saraburi 18000, Thailand

Website: http://www.sjmis.ac.th/

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Saint John Mary International School (SJMIS) is a private Christian School operated by Mater Amabilis Co. Ltd. Educational activity at SJMIS aims to develop academic excellence, self-awareness and a global perspective in children ages 3-18.

Saint John Mary International School is founded on the principles of integrity and service to others. This is where EAST MEETS EAST, AND EAST MEETS WEST

At SJMIS students grow intellectually, morally, culturally, and physically as they meet with individuals from all over Thailand and abroad. Here, students develop respect and tolerance for all others, regardless of religion, race, or class. Here, a student can grow into a whole person and gain an education that prepares them to become global citizens.

The program of the Saint John Mary International School is designed to meet the individual needs of each child. We follow the differentiated

approach to learning, which is simply the adjustment of an appropriately challenging curriculum to match a student’s demonstrated pace and level of learning. Expectations for all students are high, and we endeavour to provide a firm foundation of academic skills, work habits and attitudes necessary for success in university-preparatory secondary schools and for a productive life. Due to the international nature of the school, a deliberate effort is made to foster a global viewpoint in the students and to take the learning experience beyond the classroom by drawing on the natural and cultural resources of Thailand. A rich offering of sports , arts and extracurricular activities aid in developing the whole person and in providing the student with constructive alternatives for the use of his/her leisure time.



Saint John Mary follows an American (State of California) curriculum which is adjusted to the multinational context of the school while promoting Thai culture and Language. A student who completes grade 12 is awarded either a College Preparatory Diploma, with an emphasis in business, or science.

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The Saint John Mary International School (SJMIS) is duly recognized by the Ministry of Education in Thailand (MOE) as an institution of international status that offers Pre-kindergarten through Grade 12 to students from various races and religions. The School is also fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

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WASC Basics

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) one of six regional accrediting associations in the United States, is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and is known worldwide. WASC provides assistance to schools in California, Hawaii, the Pacific Islands, and East Asia, currently serving over 4,000 schools.

WASC Philosophy

The philosophy of the Accrediting Commission for Schools centers upon three beliefs: (1) a school’s goal is successful student learning; (2) each school has a clear purpose and schoolwide student goals; and (3) a school engages in external and internal evaluations as part of continued school improvement to support student learning.

Accreditation is integral to a school’s perpetual cycle of assessment, planning, implementation, monitoring, and reassessment based upon student achievement. It fosters excellence in elementary, secondary, adult, and postsecondary education by encouraging school improvement through a process of continuing evaluation and to recognize, by accreditation, schools that meet an acceptable level of quality in accordance with established criteria. In addition to its official title, WASC also means We Are Student-Centered.


SJMIS boarding aims to providing the best home away from home experience to all boarders. It supports growth and development of youth, nurturing students in the best ways possible. Boarding in SJMIS is an experience of family, a small community that promotes love and friendship.


Why you should choose SJMIS boarding for your son/daughter?

A balance life is a healthy life

SJMIS boarding aims to strike the balance between academics and other aspects of students’ life such as physical, emotional, and mental. We believe that a healthy lifestyle is important to prepare the students for life.

An environment-loving community

Boarding in SJMIS engages the students to nature. It is the escape from a typical life in the city because SJMIS is 105 rai or 16.8 hectares area filled with trees, away from smoke and noise pollutions and heavy traffic. Students can enjoy facilities of modern life while respecting nature.

The value of relationship

SJMIS Boarding sees relationship as vital part of boarding life. It is the pastoral drive to nurture each student. SJMIS is a place that is safe for everyone, a place where they can freely open their life. It is a place of encouragement and love.


We accommodate students from 1st to 12th graders. SJMIS boarding is divided into two levels to appropriately cater the needs of a child. The two family – friendly shelters are :


Students from 6th graders and below are accommodated in homestay. Homestay is staffed with family who looks after the child and his/her daily needs.


Students from 7th graders and above are accommodated in dormitories. Each dormitory is staffed with two persons.

For the non-boarding students who wish to stay in the dormitory for a couple of days or one, they can be accommodated through transient arrangement. This happens when they want to stay for review, examination week, and school official sports competition.


Registration Fee (New student only) is payable upon acceptance of the student and must be paid before the student enters the school. (Non-refundable)

Day student 50,000 Baht
Boarding student 70,000 Baht


Deposit (Refundable) is payable upon acceptance of the student and before he/she is admitted to the School. Upon

Application and Test 1,000 Baht

withdrawal, this is refunded less any charges for lost/damaged books or
damage to property etc. will be refunded.


Day student 15,000 Baht
Boarding student 25,000 Baht


Tuition Fees per Semester (There are two semesters per year.)

Grade Level 2020-2022
Pre – Kindergarten (Including snacks and lunch) 56,500 Baht
Kindergarten 1 – 3 (Including snacks and lunch) 69,100 Baht
Grade 1 – 3 (Including snacks and lunch) 88,900 Baht
Grade 4 – 6 93,700 Baht
Grade 7 – 8 100,100 Baht
Grade 9 106,300 Baht
Grade 10 112,300 Baht
Grade 11 112,300 Baht
Grade 12 117,300 Baht

English Language Development Fees

ELD Program, (Addition to the tuition fee) 20,000 Baht

***ELD Program will be provided to those students who, in the School’s judgment, require additional English language support in the classroom.

Boarding Fee

Homestay Fee per Semester (For G. 1 – 6) 72,000 Baht
Boarding Fee per Semester (For G. 7 – 12) 62,000 Baht
Weekend Boarding Fee (For local students only) 500 Baht/Day
Supplement Activities & Weekends (For overseas students) 25,000 Baht

*** Vacation periods: Students wishing to stay in the Dormitory during vacation periods will be charged 1,500 Baht/Day (Including weekends)


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