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Student in Thailand – British College Sripatum University (en)

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3 Years UK Dual Degree Program in Business Management with HND Pearson Diploma.


Programme Durations

All 3 years in Thailand at SPU

Option for students to go to study in the UK or many countries after successfully passing 2nd year.

(Under University’s Requirement)


Mode of delivery

Courses are delivered as per the prescribed guided learning hours (GLH). GLHs consists of tutorials, group discussions and project meetings. The courses are delivered in 100% English language by English speaking lecturers who teach as per UK higher education standards.


Entry requirements

  • Applicant must be minimum age of 18 years.
  • Graduated IB diploma, A-Level in 2 subjects
  • GED or Equivalent.
  • English proficiency of IELTS 5.5 or Equivalent.


British College By SPU

British College by SPU offers UK based university degrees right here in Thailand. British College aims to form a global network and has revolutionized the local education system to a next level by introducing students to a novel education system that has more practical approach to learning with innovative system of assessment. SPU’s British College will offer quality courses accepted by UK Standards, in small size groups of students. So that students can get high quality education with more personalized attention.


Honorable Partnership with University of Wolverhampton (WLV)

The University of Wolverhampton, (WLV) is a leading modern university with a tradition of providing opportunity and academic excellence for nearly 190 years. WLV offers courses in over 70 different subjects and over 4,000 students graduate each year. SPU’s British College students who join the WLV programme will have access to WLV’s wide range of services. Students who wish to join Wolverhampton University in UK or join SPU’s British College in Thailand, when successful, will become University of Wolverhampton graduates.


Why a Wolverhampton Degree at British College by SPU???

UK degrees are respected worldwide, 3 years programme that offers 3 qualifications. The qualifications offered are a (WLV) UK business degree, SPU’s British College Business degree and a HND Pearson Diploma.

  • SPU’s British College offers a great campus as a place where students can do their studies, research and all the activities during their study and free times, as follows:
  • State-of the-art library and a fully equipped Multi-Media Center.
  • Modern & Smart Classroom, Lecture halls, auditorium & function rooms, Think Lab & Language Lab.
  • High-speed internet service everywhere in the campus.
  • Health Club & Fitness Center, Medical Care Unit. Indoor Gymnasium, Sports Facilities.
  • Students don’t have to miss their family and friends.
  • The Program offer great Value for price.





Dual Degree Bachelor of Business Administration (International Program) in the following fields:

  • General Management
  • Operation Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounts and Financial Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management


Our Campus

British College 03 British College 04

British College 05



Computer Zone & Internet Service

British College 06

Internet Service

Sripatum University(SPU) currently offers students the opportunity to connect to the university network and the internet. A secure wireless network (Internet Wi-Fi) has been installed in all SPU buildings and SPU students can access to the internet/wireless/e-learning with their student account after having made email registration.


Auditorium & Theatre

British College 08

Group study, relaxation, and Ideas room(s)

British College 09 British College 10

British College 23 British College 24 British College 25


Media Center

British College 14 British College 15 British College 16

Media Center, as an operations Center for radio, television, and graphics, has enough modern equipments available for teaching and learning including for other types of service. It helps to develop students’ proficiency, and helps our professionals to transfer their personal knowledge and experiences to students more effectively and professionally. After having gone through the training provided at Media Center, students’ skills will be advanced and they will be ready to work as soon as they enter the labour market. There are several laboratories/rooms/studios for non-linear film editing, linear film editing, tape transfer, audio broadcasting, audio recording, as well as studio & control room. Outdoor equipment is also available for TV program production related subjects, and for filming service in case of university’s outdoor activities.


Fitness Center

British College 17

Fitness Center

Health club offers a wide array of services, and at no charge for Sripatum students.  The recent health club houses work out equipment for exercise and body building.  Personal trainers are also available upon appointment.  Locker room with shower facility is also provided for men and women separately.

British College 18 British College 19 British College 20


Indoor Gym

British College 21

SPU Indoor Gym has a wide range of sporting facilities for students including indoor tracking and practice fields for badminton, table tennis, basketball, and volleyball.  Open field sports such as tennis, soccer and horse riding are also provided at the contracted facilities outside campus.


Campus Clinic

British College 22

  1. Here we provide all the basic nursing care, hygiene and health care including health counseling. Sripatum University aims to promote the health and wellbeing of all students and staff with support of doctors and nurses from Nawamin hospital.
  2. Information support on providing knowledge about various diseases as well as the campaign which invites students to participate in blood donation 3 times a year in cooperation with Thai Red Cross.
  3. Assist students to apply for a 30 Baht gold card for the hospital admission at Nawamin. Hospital and clinics in the network of Nawamin Hospital.


British College tution fees 20 21

Remark : Scholarship available up to 30% of tuition fee


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