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Who we are?

The core mission of WeLearn is to bring affordable, highly-personalized, top-quality, 21st Century learning to children in developing countries. WeLearn accomplishes this through its “facilitated e-homeschool” model, which delivers accredited online secondary school courses to students using our digital platform. That academic coursework is then applied in our project-based experiential Mastery Centers.

Our Alternative Learning Platforms

Physical Platform: Mastery Centers

WeLearn Master Centers complement the online coursework delivered through our digital platform with physical learning environments where tech-focused multidisciplinary projects guide students to think critically and creativity when applying their academic instruction towards innovative solutions for social and environmental challenges in a student-driven learning experience.

The WeLearn Mastery Centers are self-directed learning environments where mentors guide students in designing projects that best meet their academic objectives while expanding the pursuit of their

personal passions. WeLearn offers students opportunities to learn through the use of cutting-edge tools that they cannot find in their local schools, such as virtual reality field trips, collaborative holographic learning using augmented reality, and interactive robotics that teach students about Artificial Intelligence. Students can also exercise their creative expression in our audio and video production labs, as well as give physical form to their ideas in our design and prototyping makerspace.


Digital Platform

Aggregates and curates top quality online courses worldwide into a single database together with peer and expert reviews for cross-comparison and individual course selection.

Combines academic and socio-psychological assessments to create student profiles that serve as the foundation for designing personalized course curriculums that best match each student

Provides customized digital tools that enable students to pursue self-directed learning paths such as, course task management, online collaboration, and peer mentor matching.

Monitors individual course progress and completion across all content providers, and presents combined analysis in a Mastery Transcript reporting format using Blockchain certification


WeLearn Pedagogy

Seven Threads for Sustainable Success

For families who are homeschooling and/or not located near a Mastery Center, WeLearn’s online platform provides a curated selection of over 4,000 accredited online courses. The platform is a single destination providing a full spectrum of online offerings, including course/provider ratings and comments from parents, learners, and educators, as well as access to WeLearn’s Personalized Learning experts.


WeLearn Academy

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Cultivate your future skills with our innovative learning platform today!

WeLearn Academy program combines a rigorous accredited online academic program with personalized mentoring, deep learning courses focused on future skills, and standards-aligned, multi-disciplinary Project Based Learning (PBL) to form a comprehensive education system that we call WeLearn Virtual Academy. It is a highly personalized program where each student, together with WeLearn personalized

learning experts and the student’s parents, will design a Personal Learning Pathway unique to that student’s goals and passions.


Acellus Academy: A Fully US Accredited Online Academic Program

WeLearn uses Acellus Academy as its core online academic program for both WeLearn Academy and WeLearn Virtual Academy. Students who complete the Acellus Academy program will receive an accredited and globally recognized US High School diploma issued by Acellus Academy.

After reviewing and considering many online schools, WeLearn chose Acellus Academy for a number of reasons, including:

  • User-friendly dashboard and interface for parents, students and administrators
  • Focus on STEM and coding
  • Academic excellence and quality of teachers
  • Curriculum can be Personalized
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence to target each student’s learning gaps
  • Curriculum is Self-Paced and Mastery Based.
  • Reasonable price


A program of the International Academy of Science, Acellus is the online learning system for millions of students in thousands of schools throughout the United States. With over 250 courses for grades K-12 covering all core subject areas, as well as electives, Advanced Placement (AP), Career & Technical Education (CTE), and STEM focused pathways.

With the advanced cutting edge technology that enhances teaching and learning, Acellus is able to tailor course content to each student’s learning needs and meet them at their level. With the aid of artificial intelligence (AI) that identifies gaps in the student’s background knowledge, Acellus customizes each lesson according to every student’s learning needs. For more information please visit the Acellus website at [link]

“Acellus Academy” is the accredited K-12 online school owned and operated by the International Academy of Sciences, a non-profit organization based in the USA which operates the famous Acellus learning system. [link]


Acellus Academy Accreditation and Approvals

Acellus is Fully Accredited – Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC)

AP Course Approval – College Board


National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

Acellus prepares students to become:

  • Self-confident in solving complicated problems
  • Responsible and persistent learners
  • Experts users of digital technology
  • Effective communicators
  • Independent learners who can self-direct


What makes Acellus different:

  • Uses the hi-tech Prism Diagnostic to reinforce learning difficulties [link to video below]
  • Engaging videos lessons that bring each subject to life [link to 4 videos: math, science language arts history
  • Self-paced and flexible, meeting each student’s individual learning needs.
  • Highly affordable program, offering great value for the money


Learn at Your Own Pace

Acellus delivers its courses through an intuitive student interface. Within each course, students are provided with “lessons” designed to deliver all of the resources to teach, convey, reinforce, and help the student learn and master a concept.

Each lesson begins with a video lecture in which a teacher presents a single, specific concept or a few concepts that are tightly intertwined. Acellus’ high-resolution videos give students the information and instruction they need to master the course material, creating the feeling of a one-on-one learning experience.


Student Dashboard

Each student is provided with a username and password. From the dashboard, the student may select a class to work in. Once the student selects a class, they are immediately taken to their current position within the course. Here’s a great video on the student experience at Acellus


Video-based Lessons

The short video lessons that begin the class are taught by teachers who are experts in their field. This video-based instruction allows students to learn independently, which can greatly leverage the time of a parent.


Practice Problems

Immediately after the video lesson, students receive practice problems where they apply the concept presented in the lesson. Acellus requires students to master the concept before moving to the next lesson.


Future Skills

Future skills, both “hard and soft” are essential for success in the digital age. A learner who has not acquired these skills before entering the work force will struggle to adapt to the ever-changing employment landscape of the digital age — an age where new skills are required, current jobs no longer exist, and new jobs develop rapidly.

Future Skills, sometimes referred to as 21st Century Skills or “Essential skills” are divided between hard and soft skills



Hard skills typically fall into two broad categories: CER (Coding, Electronics & Robotics) & STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math). The Digital Age will be characterized by communication with humans in English and communication with computers and Artificial Intelligence machines through the language of computer code. Coding, and the computational thinking required to be a successful coder, are certainly essential hard skills for the digital age. Another key hard skill is the understanding of robots and other computers designed to undertake ever more advanced tasks currently done by humans, including

computational thinking, creativity, and judgement. Electronics is the digital and physical infrastructure that enables the creation of AI machines, as well as their programming, operation, and control.



On the other end of the spectrum are Soft Skills. It would be a mistake to think that Soft Skills and Hard Skills reside in different types of people. That mindset belongs to the industrial age or information age. Every coder and orbits expert will also need to acquire these soft skills to survive in the digital age, just as every soft skill expert will need a good understanding of coding and robotics. Surveys of employers consistently show that the most valued employees have a combination of hard and soft skills at their disposal.

So what are these soft skills? The movement to identify the soft skills that should be taught to children in our school system started in the US in the 1990s. The US Government commissioned a group to identify what skills children should learn in school to be successful in the 21st Century. For this reason, the skills became known as 21St Century skills. Since then, many thought leaders, educators and top learning institutions have created their own lists of such skills. WeLearn has studied these various lists and chose to focus on the seven essential skills in the following chart:


What are WeLearn’s 7 Key Soft Skills?


WeLearn’s main goal is to transform all of our students into passionate self-directed learners who have the confidence and skills to benefit from the large and growing universe of online learning. A self-directed learner will understand that it’s acceptable not to know everything they want to know, as long as they are able to identify and pursue what they need in order to achieve their goals. Self-directed learners have the ability to figure out what they want to discover, search out the resources and take the initiative necessary to pursue that knowledge or skill.

Becoming a self-directed learner is at the very heart of all programs at WeLearn. Students develop this skill through an intentional and planned, stepped process designed by WeLearn where they slowly but surely become masters of their own educational destiny. They learn how to manage their time, focus when required, take breaks when necessary, set and achieve long- mid- and short-term goals, and even build their own personal learning pathway. We do this through a combination of individual online learning, collaborative online learning, and collaborative project-based applied learning. Once a student has significant ownership of their learning pathway, their passions will naturally grow and mature under expert guidance from our learning coaches.

WeLearn students will be so proud when they are able to take responsibility for and manage their own learning and take this skill with them through university and the rest of their lives. Their parents will be even more proud. Self-directed students can avoid the high cost of overseas travel, residency, tuition,

and accommodation by using their self-directed learning skills to tap into the world of online learning. Many top universities like Harvard, MIT, and Stanford already have online undergraduate and graduate degrees. With the global COVID-19 pandemic, this trend has only accelerated.

WeLearn Students will have the ability to learn and relearn throughout life – a truly essential skill for a successful life in the digital age.



Critical Thinking, Computational Thinking and Problem Solving are essential skills for success in the digital age and for successfully acquiring many of WeLearn’s other Future Skills. Critical thinkers always ask “why,” and are not satisfied with the answer to a question until they fully understand not only what the answer is but why it’s the answer. A good problem solver will be a good entrepreneur. We teach critical thinking in many aspects of our program, especially as part of our Project Based Learning [link to page] and Entrepreneurship [link to below] programs.



WeLearn’s Creative Thinking has a lot more to do with innovation and out-of-the-box thinking than traditional creativity. Of course, being creative is a core trait necessary for innovative thinking. But innovators must also demonstrate considerable curiosity and boundless imagination. These are traits that we cultivate at WeLearn. Great ideas and innovative solutions, no matter the field or career path, are what allow the world to advance. WeLearn students learn how to not only imagine what the future will be like, but how it should be, and then use their other soft and hard skills to make it happen. A vision of what something may look like that differs from the “conventional wisdom” is what allows entire industries to “jump the curve” and truly evolve.



Every great leader is also a great follower, and knows the value of working as part of a team, as well as leading that Team. Leaders understand that they don’t need to do everything, and that they can’t be experts at everything, so it’s important to step back and let others shine when their skills and knowledge are needed. WeLearn students will learn to lead by influence and to influence their leaders and teammates.



It doesn’t matter how good an idea is if you can’t let other people know about it in a way that allows them to not only understand, but empathize with your goals for it. Both written and oral communication allow you to tell your story and invite other people to share with you. But these forms of communication are no longer enough. Our students will become expert in all modern forms of communication, video, sound podcasts and broadcasting), and virtual and augmented reality. Use of social media to communicate effectively and make an impact will be an essential part of this training. Being able to create content for these various forms of communication is also an essential skill for WeLearn and for success in the digital age. This is what we mean by communication in all forms.



Entrepreneurship is a skill that encompasses almost all of the other skills. Being a good entrepreneur requires a lot of Self-Direction, thinking innovatively, solving problems, grit, focus and perseverance, leadership and teamwork, being able to communicate with impact and influence and above all empathizing with future customers and those experiencing problems that need to be solved. Entrepreneurship is not really about making money, or building a business or a startup. It can include that, but involves much more. Being able to take an idea and figure out the steps needed to make it happen, then execute is a fundamental skill of any worker in the digital age — in a world where the shape of future careers has yet to reveal itself.



What binds all of the other skills together to develop a future-ready learner is the ability to understand not only others but yourself as well. Empathy, metacognition (thinking about your thinking), finding a balance between work and the rest of your life, and the ability to make connections with a diverse range of individuals are the cornerstones of a successful, future-ready individual in the Digital Age. Our social and emotional aptitude includes skills such as empathy, global and digital citizenship, cultural and religious understanding, environmental awareness, and knowing how to interact with others in the digital world.


How Future Skills Are Developed At WeLearn

Every student who goes through WeLearn’s personalized learning ecosystem will not only have acquired such essential future skills, but will know how to use them to solve real world problems. They will be experts at using these skills to take them and their organizations “Beyond Knowledge” [link] They will

acquire these skills through our PBL Program [link], our online academic modules [link], and customized courses specifically designed by WeLearn experts to allow our students to acquire hard and soft skills.


Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning is the third essential pillar of WeLearn Academy because it makes learning come alive for WeLearn students. Our PBL guides and motivates our students to go Beyond Knowledge [link] by helping them apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired in our core online academic program and Future Skills courses to solve real global problems that they and their generation are facing now and in the future.

There has been a global trend that has seen conventional schools move toward including more project based learning into their curriculum. Why? Simply put, students learn and remember much more when applying new skills and knowledge to solve real world problems relevant to their world view. However, due to the structure of traditional subject matter, combined with the focus of conventional schools, implementing true project based learning has been extremely challenging for them. WeLearn’s flexible program and focus on multidisciplinary learning from the moment we were founded gives us the ability to provide Monster PBL – serious, multidisciplinary PBL – to all our students, blended or virtual.


Monster PBL

We have two main types of PBL at WeLearn Academy. The first is our deep dive PBL, which we call Monster PBL, during which students explore a topic in great depth for three months (xx hours) and find solutions to very significant and relevant problems. These large format PBL modules are excellent additions to the students’ unique portfolio when applying to university. The student can follow one of our pre-chosen subjects, or choose their own subject which is fit into our intense and comprehensive PBL format.

Our Monster PBL is the PBL followed by all our full time students. It would be better described as Problem Based Learning because students will conduct an intensive 3-month / xx hour deep-dive investigation into the causes of and solutions to the world’s social, economic, and environmental problems, and then develop and present their solutions. Along the way, they will gather all existing information relative to the chosen issue, then conduct field research and interviews with the affected community, the private sectors, government agencies, or NGO’s, that may be directly involved in the problem they are trying to solve.

Many of our PBL modules are inspired by the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. For example, our No Single Use Plastics PBL addressed goals 13, 14 and 15. Our Sustainable Cities PBL addresses goal No 11 and our next PBL will cover Goal 2, Zero Hunger.


WeLearn 03

We also have a Self-Directed version of our Monster PBL where students will choose the topic and in essence create their own PBL module, using our online template and mentors. While our template will guide them every step of the way, the student gets to decide which subjects to investigate further and which learning rabbit holes to dive down for further in-depth exploration. This is a perfect type of PBL for students who enjoy being in charge of their own learning.

Our Monster PBL and Self-Directed PBL are available as part of WeLearn Academy, Virtual WeLearn Academy, Weekends@WeLearn and our Online ECA program.

A second type of PBL is a more simplified version where each module lasts for one month and covers one key question.


Simplified PBL Version

Our Simplified PBL is a Common Core State Standards-aligned module that helps students develop essential skills by reinforcing reading comprehension, writing and communication of ideas with an authentic audience, collaboration using technology, and building empathy, curiosity, and respect.


Reading Comprehension

Students are engaged in a learning community beyond the classroom to provide more meaningful opportunities for students to improve their reading comprehension. Teachers are able to help assess their students’ work and provide feedback through the dashboard.


Writing and Communication

Our simplified PBL helps learners to cultivate a motivation to write, while at the same time share their ideas with an authentic audience. By connecting students with a group of peers, learners have the opportunity to share their ideas in an interesting and fun way before a broader virtual group.


Digital Citizenship

This is a great avenue for young learners to acquire digital citizenship skills. PBL will provide them with the knowledge needed to stay safe online and help protect others. This section covers topics such as managing their online reputations, protecting personal information, preventing cyberbullying, practicing empathy and international-mindedness, developing healthy online discussion habits, and searching effectively for authentic information.


Social and Emotional Learning

Our PBL learning platform allows students to engage in authentic social and emotional learning by allowing them to interact with peers from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and races. These global connections enable them to both learn and apply the following skills:

Empathy: suspending one’s own assumptions about others to truly understand them
Collaboration: working effectively with people from around the world
Self-awareness: seeing yourself through the eyes of others
Self-motivation: motivating themselves by engaging with other learners from around the world
Social Engagement: practicing good digital social behavior
Identifying Problems + Analyzing Situations: students spend more time identifying problems individually
Ethical Responsibility: feeling a responsibility for making our world a better place
International Mindset: learning about different cultures around the world


WHY WeLearn Project Based Learning (PBL)

  • PBL engages students in deep understanding of content and lifelong learning
  • Students learn by solving real-world problems
  • Students cultivate critical future skills
  • Students learn directly from experts and professionals in their fields
  • Students become better decision-makers
  • Learning becomes personally meaningful
  • Students are inspired to love learning
  • Learning is STEAM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)
  • The program is US Common Core Standards aligned
  • The program features a fun, gamified learning approach
  • Students receive certifications and awards
  • Students build unique portfolios for applying to university


Relevant Future Skills

  • Research Skills
  • Case Study Analysis
  • Field Research Skills
  • Data Analysis
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Comprehensive Synthesis
  • Problem-Solving
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Design Thinking
  • Solution Thinking
  • Decision making
  • Arts and Basic Engineering Skills
  • Architectural blueprint design
  • 3D design & modeling
  • Creative design
  • Media and Technology
  • Digital media presentations
  • Web designing and coding
  • Coding and Robotics
  • Other Soft Skills
  • Event organization and logistics
  • Professional presentation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership and collaboration skills
  • Other Hard Skills
  • Electronics
  • Various Sciences
  • App development
  • Web development


Gold Standard PBL

WeLearn 04

Our Gold Standard PBL framework requires a certain degree of rigor and in-depth learning to design a truly sustainable solution that is able to be critiqued and supported by experts. It is multi-disciplinary, covering multiple subject areas in every project, such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM), Robotics, History, Economics, and other social sciences.

Throughout the entire PBL program, students are able to develop social consciousness and relevant future skills, such as an entrepreneurial mindset, critical thinking and problem solving, leadership and collaboration, creativity, engineering, design thinking and the powerful use of technology to bring positive change to the world.


WeLearn 05

Beyond Tutoring


Beyond Tutoring is Virtual: Keep Calm and Learn On!

WeLearn is committed to helping students keep learning, no matter the circumstances, so we take advantage of every available technology to deliver tutoring online. Stay safe during the current health situation, but don’t let that be at odds with your learning needs.


Why do we call it “Beyond” tutoring?

Most tutoring is delivered in a vacuum, meaning it only focuses on one subject. Not only does it focus solely on that single subject but specifically on that subject’s curriculum and test scores.
This means tutoring often ignores why students need help in the first place. It’s kind of like fixing a flat tire but continuing to drive over the same pile of broken glass.


Beyond Tutoring is designed to be holistic and contextual.

Our expert tutors emphasize Mastery, not just passing a test or two. Additionally, our tutors are experienced in IB, IGCSE, A-Levels, AP, SAT, Admissions Counseling, etc.

WeLearn 06


What Sets Us Apart

Beyond Tutoring also targets and reinforces the future skills students need to succeed long-term. We help our learners develop an entrepreneurial, self-directed mindset so they can adapt and overcome future challenges in school, university, life beyond formal education i.e. the real world.

WeLearn 07


WeLearn goes beyond standard tutoring providers

We use Project Based Learning, including multidisciplinary Capstone/Passion projects, whenever possible so students learn in context. WeLearn also offers Portfolio Development to help show highly-selective universities why you are a good fit. Plus, students can take advantage of our “Study Ahead” opportunities with accredited online partners who offer a wide range of: AP courses, AS/A-Levels, IGCSE.


WeLearn 08


WeLearn 09

No matter the learner, no matter the content, our overarching goal is to help students discover and maintain a passion for learning by letting them see what real-world-focused education can do for them.


WeLearn 10


  • Mathematics (up to AP/IB/university)
  • English Language Arts (up to AP/IB/university)
  • Biology (up to AP/IB/university)
  • Physics (up to AP/IB/university)
  • Chemistry (up to AP/IB)
  • Computer Science (up to AP/IB)
  • History (up to AP/IB)
  • Theory of Knowledge (IB)


WeLearn 11



  • All STEM subjects
  • 3-D Modeling and Design
  • Public Speaking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Music
  • Music Theory
  • Filmmaking
  • Stop-Motion Animation
  • Game Design
  • Creative Writing
  • YouTube Content Creation











WeLearn Academy

Cultivate your future skills with our innovative learning platform today!

The WeLearn Academy combines a rigorous accredited online academic program with personalized mentoring, deep learning courses focused on future skills, and standards-aligned, multi-disciplinary Project Based Learning (PBL) to form a comprehensive education system. It is a highly personalized program where each student, together with WeLearn personalized learning experts and the student’s parents, will design a Personal Learning Pathway unique to that student’s goals and passions.

The main difference between this and WeLearn Academy is that students will be following a PBL model, rather than coming to a WeLearn innovation center to do their PBL in-person, and will receive mentoring rather in person mentoring.


Key Components

The four key pillars of WeLearn Academy are:

Accredited Online Academic Program

Online Future Skills Courses

Virtual Project Based Learning

Personalized Mentoring


Supplemented by two “add-on” programs:

Beyond Tutoring

Online Enrichment Program


Academic: A Fully US or UK Accredited Online Academic Program

For our core academic program WeLearn recommends that students start with Acellus Academy, a top ranked, accredited US online program that relies on artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology to deliver a highly personalized and progressive learning experience.

As students progress through their personal learning pathways, we can supplement their Acellus coursework with courses from other top-ranked online providers to ensure their program is truly personalized.

There are many excellent accredited online high school programs to choose from, following both US and UK curricula, including top schools like Stanford University Online High School, Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, Northwestern University Center for Talent Development and US public universities, such as the University of Missouri, Texas A&M, and many others. WeLearn has access to this vast array of courses through our platform at www.welearn.org

Students graduating from WeLearn Academy would receive a fully accredited and globally recognized diploma from Acellus Academy or other high school chosen in the students personalized learning pathway.


WeLearn 12

Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning (PBL) is a key component of WeLearn Academy that brings learning to life. It creates a powerful educational experience that engages young learners to solve real global problems that they will face in the future. It allows students to acquire deep knowledge in a meaningful way and cultivates relevant future skills as critical thinkers and problem solvers, entrepreneurs, engineers and designers, technologists, leaders and team members.

Our PBL is multi-disciplinary, covering multiple subject areas in each project like Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM), Robotics, History, Economics, and Social Sciences. After completing each PBL module, our students will add their accomplishments, in the form of photos, write-ups, presentations, and WeLearn Digital PBL Certificates, to their digital portfolios, which will greatly assist each student in creating a unique portfolio for university admissions.

WeLearn 13



Future Skills

Acquiring Future Skills, both hard and soft, is the third key component of WeLearn Academy. For a detailed description of why future skills are important and which future skills are emphasized by WeLearn

WeLearn Academy students, both virtual and center-based, acquire future skills in our specific academy classes, specialized online courses or « Electives » (coding, robotics, etc) [link], and through our PBL. All our PBL curricula are designed to ensure that our students not only acquire key future skills but also learn how to apply those future skills to real world problems.

WeLearn 14


Virtual Personalized Mentoring

All of the above programs need to be coordinated and tracked. Each student benefits from assistance and advice in completing their weekly goals and understanding the importance of what they’re learning to achieving their long-term goals.

Plus, especially with online learning, it’s good to have a time each week to check in with someone and discuss the learner’s progress, experience, and any difficulties that may be taking place, be they academic, project-based, or interpersonal.

WeLearn 15


More from WeLearn

Online “Managed” Enrichment Program

In addition to electives that focus on specific hard skills that are available as part of our standard WeLearn Academy program, students may choose to deepen or broaden their acquisition of future skills, and explore new passions or deepen existing ones. This can be done by participating in our Online “Managed” Enrichment Program.

These courses go beyond the Electives in our WLA program, are not mandatory, and can be purchased as a supplement to WeLearn Academy’s base tuition.

WeLearn 16

Beyond Tutoring

WeLearn goes beyond standard tutoring providers by emphasizing Mastery, not just passing a test or two. Additionally, our tutors are experienced in IB, IGCSE, A-Levels, AP, SAT, Admissions Counseling, etc.

Beyond Tutoring preserves the passion for learning:

Our learners develop an entrepreneurial, self-directed mindset so they can adapt and overcome future challenges in: School,University, Life beyond tertiary education i.e. the real world.

Portfolio Development can help show highly-selective universities and/or future employers why you make an ideal candidate.

Our “Study Ahead” opportunities feature accredited online partners who offer a wide range of : AP courses, AS/A-Levels, IGCSEs.


WeLearn 17


Tuition Fee

  1. Primary students (9-11 years old)
    1. 1 semester (3 months) Fee 39,000 THB
    2. Primary kids take 3 semesters per year
    3. PBL or Online course only = 8,000 THB
  2. Secondary students (12-18 years old)
    1. 1 semester (4 months) FEE 60,000 THB
    2. Secondary kids take 3 semesters per year
    3. PBL or Online course only = 10,000 THB

*All fees are VAT exclusive




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