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Wellington College International School Bangkok (en)

18 Krungthep Kreetha Road
Saphan Sung District,
Bangkok 10250 Thailand


Wellington College is renowned as a progressive school with a strong international perspective. Our family of schools currently comprises of four schools in the UK and four in China; Wellington College in Crowthorne, Berkshire; two state academies in Wiltshire; Eagle House in Sandhurst; two schools in Shanghai; one each in Tianjin and Hangzhou. We have a number of further international school developments under consideration. Pupils and staff of Wellington College International School Bangkok – the ninth addition to this diverse, exciting and very successful group of schools – will reap the benefits of numerous advantages, including opportunities for exchanges, cultural trips and extraordinary collaborative learning.

Our Campus

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Set alongside the glorious fairways and immaculate greens of the Unico Grande Golf Club, the twenty-acre grounds of Wellington College Bangkok are extraordinarily well-appointed, impressively extensive and, at the same time, refreshingly comfortable.

Our facilities are exceptional: purpose-built for twenty-first century learning, they offer top-class opportunities for sporting achievement, academic excellence and personal wellbeing. Our three swimming pools, one of them a full, Olympic-spec 50m behemoth; our vast Sports Hall; our professional-grade 400m running track; our two-storey fantasy library, complete with ‘reading cave’ (and even a slide!); the striking Learning Studios that stretch the length of the entire Junior School, on each floor – everywhere there is something arresting and, at the same time, so carefully engineered for success in all areas.

And the unique design not only supplies everything that our students and teachers need: there is also much on offer for parents, from the sophisticated yet purposeful atmosphere of our well-appointed co-working space, Copenhagen Coffee, to the spacious adult fitness, yoga and dance spaces. Come to drop your child off; stay for a snack and an hour of work online, followed by a yoga session, a couple of sets of tennis and a quick round of golf. Life is good!


Academic rigour is fundamental to Wellington College.  Whatever we are studying, we do it with focus, determination, depth and critical thought.  That doesn’t mean, though, that our students needs to suffer in order to succeed: find your motivation and you will always be impelled to learn more.  That is the strength of Wellington.


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Our youngest Wellingtonians (from age 2 to 7) are encouraged to develop their own individual learning skills in safe, stimulating, colourful and child-centric surroundings. Classrooms enjoy direct, free-flow access to outdoor learning spaces and age-appropriate playgrounds. In Early Years (Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception classes), the children follow the English Early Years Curriculum. It features a guided play-based approach, where teachers’ detailed ongoing observation provides the main input for assessment of progress and attainment. Teachers design relevant, interesting, learning-focused tasks and activities, providing daily opportunities for children to develop linguistic, physical and social skills whilst strengthening, and beginning to apply, their understanding in literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts. The transition from Early Years to Key Stage One (Years 1 and 2) sees the style of learning develop naturally: whilst the excitement of discovery is undiminished, learning becomes deeper and more focused. We use the National Curriculum for England as our foundation and, through it, develop broad, rich and exciting topic work.

In Pre-Prep, the Class Teacher oversees much of the curriculum and provides the excellent pastoral care for which Wellington is justifiably renowned. Specialist teachers generally lead Thai language, music, swimming lessons and, increasingly, the rest of Physical Education. We encourage every child, right from the start, to develop a passion for learning through deliberate enquiry, critical thinking and creativity. Even from Pre-Nursery, we expect every Wellingtonian to be looking and searching beyond what is taught in the classroom.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Children begin their Wellington experience with the English Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. They learn through a carefully-designed, play-based approach which takes account of the full range of individual differences. The curriculum is delivered through the seven areas of Communication and Language, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. Every child is constantly monitored and tracked to ensure appropriate and consistent development.

Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2)

In Years 1 and 2, we follow the National Curriculum for England, enhanced and developed to include opportunities for cross-curricular work as well as specific areas relevant to our international context, such as daily Thai lessons and an introduction to Mandarin.



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As pupils move into the Prep School (from age 7 to 13), our emphasis is on high academic standards coupled with an extensive and varied programme of co-curricular activities. Curricular and co-curricular endeavours have balancing strengths, supporting each other in the encouragement of all Wellingtonians to fulfil their potential.One of the most important goals in the Prep School is to maintain and enhance our students’ simple desire to know more, find out more, do more, which underlies deep learning and will set them up for success at this stage and beyond.

Enter a Prep School classroom and you will see rigorous, imaginative, creative teaching, and focused, independent, dynamic learning. The curriculum is based on the National Curriculum for England, includes relevant focus on local culture and history, and includes exciting cross-curricular elements which enhance learning by tying at together in fascinating ways.

As they develop greater independence and responsibility, our Prep School students also experience more specialist teaching. This introduces the upper levels of subject expertise at an important early stage, encouraging genuine high quality of learning, and requires that students take greater initiative, moving around the School more and following more complex timetables.

At this level, we plan to allow opportunities for pupils to explore the possibilities of joining other Wellington College campuses around the world, whether through field trips, summer camps, or even term-long and year-long exchanges.

The Wellington curriculum is rigorous and stretching, designed to meet the needs of each individual and giving both breadth of educational experience and academic depth, preparing all our students for the next stage of their education and their lives.

Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6)

The Prep School’s curricular foundation is the English National Curriculum, enhanced as necessary to match our context. We are committed to nurturing and developing the whole child, and the curriculum reflects this: right from the youngest age, pupils at Wellington are encouraged to be Inclusive, Intellectual, Independent, Individual and Inspired, and to exemplify the five College values (courage, integrity, kindness, respect, responsibility), whether inside or outside class.

An extensive co-curricular enrichment programme of sports and other activities is intertwined with classroom-based content to enrich and broaden the education we provide. On top of this, high-quality pastoral provision is central to the Wellington philosophy, with a thriving House system and a purposeful Wellbeing programme featuring strongly in the daily life of the School.

Years 7-8

The transition from Prep School to Senior School comes at the most sensible pace.  On one hand, our upper Prep School students, from Y6, are given some of the freedoms and responsibilities usually seen only much later in a school career – the large, open-plan co-working Learning Studios and our remarkable Prep School Harkness Rooms give clear signposts to all: students are here to learn and develop mature levels of independence and rigour now, rather than waiting until Year 9 (or later).  On the other hand, age-appropriate personal and social development is fully taken into account: we do not expect our students suddenly to become adults before they are ready to do so.

The curriculum is still fundamentally the National Curriculam for England but with enhancements for cross-curricular and advanced work that allow a creative, strongly academic merging of what is best about Prep School with what is most exciting and forward-thinking about a great Senior School.


Wellington College International School Bangkok 6

In the Senior School, which will run from Year 9 to Year 13 (our first Year 9 class will open in September 2020), we will focus keenly on academic achievement, looking always to inspire curiosity, creativity and compassion as we do so. We are here to enrich our pupils’ lives with enjoyment and deep understanding of our global scientific, linguistic and cultural heritage. In doing this, we empower them with the knowledge, skills and independence of mind that will make them responsible – and outstanding – leaders of the future.In Years 10 and 11, students will work towards external IGCSE examinations in various subjects. Some, such as English, Mathematics and the Sciences, are core subjects; a broad range of others are optional.

In the Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13) we will offer either the globally-recognised International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), or the British A-levels.  The undoubted quality of both qualifications stands out across the world and either will give students access to the best English-speaking universities anywhere.

Every member of Wellington College has high expectations – of ourselves and of others; we insist that working hard, and intelligently, must always be the basis of success. We believe strongly that learning is most rewarding in a community that is lively, co-operative, curious and tolerant.

An extensive co-curricular enrichment programme of sports and other activities is intertwined with classroom-based content to enrich and broaden the education we provide. On top of this, high-quality pastoral provision is central to the Wellington philosophy, with a thriving House system and a purposeful Wellbeing programme featuring strongly in the daily life of the School.


EAL Support

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Our approach to English language acquisition has a focus on learning and experience in and out of the classroom. The English proficiency of each student is evaluated on entry to the school; those who need some extra help are recommended for EAL support.

Acquiring a new language to an advanced level is a long process with many steps.  At Wellington, EAL support is provided based on individual need, rather than general cohort or ‘typical’ requirements.  All content is delivered to the level of the child and their ability and needs.

EAL support involves in-class sessions, where children receive specialist attention in the areas where they need support. We run a rigorous, personalised curriculum designed to ensure that every student gains the skills required to access the curriculum as quickly as possible and to be successful in all areas of School life at Wellington College.


Wellbeing Programme

Wellington College International School Bangkok 8

In 2006, it was Wellington College in England that pioneered the teaching of Wellbeing as a lesson and we embrace this vitally important area of twenty-first century education.


Wellbeing classes themselves are just one part of our fundamental philosophy – that we should treat everyone, ourselves included, as well as possible, and that we can train ourselves to do this in a deliberate, reflective and rational way.


Physical: developing an up-to-date understanding of the principal requirements for having and maintaining health and fitness.

Positive relationships: exploring how best to define and develop positive relationships with fellow students, teachers, family members and others.

Perspective: building emotional resilience – something like a psychological immune system. This involves developing the thinking skills that enable us to recognise, confront, contextualise and overcome adversity.

Engagement: recognising the importance of maintaining a healthy curiosity about the world around us and a willingness to engage with it.

The world: understanding and promoting ways of living responsibly and well in a rapidly-changing consumer society. This strand also encourages students to consider their place in the world and help define a positive future role for themselves.

Meaning and purpose: making sense of the purpose of meaning and the meaning of purpose.

Careful study and engagement with these ideas helps to strengthen the emotional resilience and analytical skills that are so necessary for flourishing in a complex and unpredictable world.




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Note: Annual Fee is the sum of fees from all three terms


All enrolled students are required to enter the dining programme, which includes daily lunch, morning snack and afternoon snack. Any food allergies or dietry restrictions can be accommodated.

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  • Transportation services are provided by Montri Transport Corporation Public Company Limited and each van or bus includes an adult monitor.
  • Minimum age for students to use the School Van is five years old.
  • School Van morning pickup time from home will depend on distance and route, for arrival to School before 7:20 am factoring in expected traffic. Pickup times may need to be adjusted later to suit expected changed in traffic conditions.
  • Departure time from School will be 3:45 pm every day. Any students on the Transportation plan who are staying after dismissal time will need to make own arrangements for transport home.



1. Application Fee: THB 5,000, non-refundable
2. Registration Fee: THB 200,000, non-refundable, one-time fee due before enrolment
3. Security Deposit: THB 150,000, refundable upon graduation or withdrawal

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